no man is a hero to his valet

Attributed to Mme Cornuel (1605–94): il n’y a pas de héros pour son valet-de-chambre, no man is a hero to his valet. Cf. 1603 J. FLORIO tr. Montaigne’s Essays III. ii. Few men haue beene admired of their familiers... In my climate of Gascoigne they deeme it as iest to see mee in print.

1764 S. FOOTE Patron II. 31 It has been said..that no man is a hero to his valet de chambre; now I am afraid when you and I grow a little more will be horribly disappointed in your high expectations.

1910 Times 20 Jan. (Literary Supplement) 17 Many men have been heroes to their valets, and most (except Pope and Poe) to their biographers.

1940 A. CHRISTIE One, Two, buckle my Shoe i. It has been said that no man is a hero to his valet. To that may be added that few men are heroes to themselves at the moment of visiting their dentist.

2002 Washington Times 9 May C2 All of which is a mere footnote to the longest presidency in American history, and one of the greatest. But it is a useful reminder that just as no man is a hero to his valet so, it seems, not even a president is immune to the ministrations of a Chef From Hell.

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